Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start 2012 off right with positive student behavior

Positive student behavior is one of the most important components of a classroom environment in which children learn essential basic skills needed for a successful school career and life. Students who are able to manage their behavior not only contribute to their own wealth of knowledge, but also to those of their peers. I encourage positive behavior management by recognizing those students who are able to abide by the rules of the classroom. This recognition comes in many forms, which include cheers, thank yous, stickers, etc. Students will have ample time to learn, practice, and implement the rules of our classroom. They will clearly understand my high expectations for their behavior and learning. You will be informed each day of your child's behavior choices, so that you may praise your child for a job well done, or encourage your child to make better choices the following day. You should check and initial the parent's sheet in the back pocket of your child’s folder every day. A sad face will indicate inappropriate behavior along with a comment.

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