Sunday, July 22, 2012

School supplies for 2012-2013

Remember we ask for so many supplies because they are less expensive now and you will not have to send more with your child during the school year. 1 1 inch binder 1 BOX OF LARGE 8 COUNT CRAYOLA BRAND CRAYONS 8 boxes of 24 count crayons- CRAYOLA BRAND 16 small Elmer's glue sticks Fiskar BLUNT tip scissors 6 plastic pocket folders with brads 1 watercolors 8 count (no Roseart crayons or paints) 1 boxes Kleenex Tissues 1 container Clorox Wipes 2 tub baby wipes 1 bottle hand sanitizer 1 box Ziploc bags (boys-quart size girl-gallon size) 1 package (2 or 4 pack) Play-Doh brand playdough 6 fat pencils (already sharpened) 1 package Expo Dry erase markers 1 box 8 count Crayola washable markers Small backpack or pouch that folder will fit in to carry home daily ..

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